RESILIA: Personal Information – Lily’s amazing birthday cake

RESILIA: Personal Information – Lily’s amazing birthday cake

Can posting a photograph of a family celebration on a personal media account really have an impact on your employer and the organization?

The answer is yes and it’s known to happen. If social media privacy settings aren’t up-to-date then anyone – not just your friends – can see your posts and pictures. They can also end up in a search engine’s results.

This is gold dust for the cyber-criminal. A quick read of your timeline and they’ll soon know all about you, your personal life and who your friends are. It is only one small step for them to find friends’ contact details and the next thing a friend could have an email from you – or someone posing as you?

This is what happens to Oscar Hernandez in our RESILIA audio story ‘Lily’s amazing birthday cake’. By not regularly checking his social media privacy settings, Oscar gave the cyber criminals access to a wealth of information which they used to target work colleagues he was friends with online and had tagged in a personal post. The results were devastating for him, his friends and the organization.

Oscar’s story is part of the RESILIA®’s Frontline cyber security and data protection awareness training suite. The full suite of training includes: eLearning, animations, PDF downloads and audio stories all designed to enable your organization to provide a ‘campaign of learning’ which brings the day-to-day risks, that your people face, to life – risks that affect both your personal and work life.

Our RESILIA audio story series provide valuable learning points on the importance of 10 critical threats that everyone faces and are one part of an effective campaign that pioneering organizations are already using and getting results from.

To learn more about the power of storytelling in cyber awareness learning and training, see our Power of Storytelling for Cyber Security Awareness Training page.

What next?
Read our case study ‘RESILIA Frontline Case Study: A Financial Services Perspective’ to discover how this leading financial services organization is making their people their frontline defence against cyber-attacks and data breaches.

You can also see how RESILIA Frontline works for yourself by completing our form at and requesting a free live demo.

*Alison Harford, Doug, Georgina, Lily Hernandez and Oscar Hernandez are all fictitious names used for the purpose of this fictitious story only. Any similarity to a real person is not intended nor should it be inferred.

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