First AXELOS Strategic Partners Announced

First AXELOS Strategic Partners Announced

AXELOS is delighted to announce our first wave of Strategic Partners. The Strategic Partner Scheme is a new initiative designed to demonstrate collaborative working practices between AXELOS and the wider accredited community.

See a list of our Strategic ATO Partners
See a list of our Strategic EI Partners

The main objective of the Strategic Partner Scheme is to assist and support our Strategic Partners to grow and drive the AXELOS Global Best Practice Portfolio and help cement the ethos of working together in partnership for all parties’ mutual benefit and continued success.

Strategic Partners are fully committed to Global Best Practice and continue to be passionate about collaboratively growing the accredited community. The number of Strategic Partners that AXELOS engages with will increase over the coming months. Application to join the Strategic Partner Programme is open to all accredited partners.

AXELOS was formed to enhance delivery of the portfolio of Global Best Practice accreditation and publishing services, including those products related to service, portfolio, project and programme management. With this mandate, AXELOS recognizes the importance of the role our ATOs and EIs perform in helping to positively grow and drive this business globally. The new Strategic Partner Scheme is a demonstration of our commitment to them.

AXELOS will also continue to provide sales and marketing support to the accredited community through the self-service portal.

For further information about the Strategic Partner Scheme, email [email protected].

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