The Global Institute for Cybersecurity + Research adopts RESILIA Cyber Resilience Best Practice and Training to Enhance Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

The Global Institute for Cybersecurity + Research adopts RESILIA Cyber Resilience Best Practice and Training to Enhance Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity


Kennedy Space Center, FL, December 10, 2015 The Global Institute for Cybersecurity + Research (GICSR) today announced it is adopting RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience best practice and its certified training and awareness learning to advance GICSR’s mission to improve the resilience of critical infrastructure organizations against cyber-attack. The RESILIA portfolio, managed by AXELOS Global Best Practice, will be delivered via the GICSR Global Cyber Range.

Cyber risks are now recognized as one of the most significant risks to national security as well as to an organization’s market reputation, customer trust and competitive advantage. Effective cyber resilience requires a proactive stance to reduce risks that will support operational efficiency, innovation, economic prosperity and public safety. For organizations to fully harness this opportunity they need to manage a holistic approach that encompasses people, process and technology.

GICSR is a non-profit organization linking critical infrastructure stakeholders to define and deliver scalable, flexible and adaptable cyber resilience solutions. Deborah Kobza, GICSR President and CEO commented, “Strengthening cybersecurity resilience requires collaboration, coordination and a call-to-action – it’s a shared public/private responsibility across all critical infrastructure stakeholder organizations. We are delighted to be adding the RESILIA best practice certified training and awareness learning, based on ITIL, to existing capabilities within the GICSR Global Cyber Range as a means of better tackling the critical ‘human factor’ aspects of cyber resilience.”

RESILIA is managed by AXELOS Global Best Practice. The RESILIA certified training and awareness learning portfolio helps build collaboration and best practice across an organization. It embeds the awareness, insight and skills required to make organizations more effective in keeping their critical information safe. The portfolio is being delivered via the GISCR Global Cyber Range including access to a virtual live network environment to apply theory to practice.

Nick Wilding, Head of RESILIA Cyber Resilience at AXELOS said: “I’m delighted that RESILIA has been adopted by GICSR to help critical infrastructure organizations build the skills and insight required to enable cross-functional collaboration in managing and continually improving an effective cyber resilience strategy and management system. 90% of cyber-attacks succeed because of human error. People must therefore sit at the heart of effective cyber resilience which should focus on aligning strategic priorities, service management tools, operational systems and architectures together with ongoing training and involvement of all your people.”

Both GICSR and AXELOS support cyber resilience best practice and the adoption of relevant frameworks and standards. The Global Cyber Range and RESILIA best practice have been designed to support and align with existing business and cybersecurity integration frameworks – including the NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity and the NIST National Cybersecurity Education Framework.

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