How enhancing ITSM processes is helping Universities meet growing student demand

How enhancing ITSM processes is helping Universities meet growing student demand


A focus on improving and refining IT Service Management (ITSM) through the adoption and adaption of ITIL® is helping universities across the world meet growing demand from students and staff.

Two new case studies, presented by AXELOS, outline how Cairo University in Egypt and De Montfort University in the United Kingdom are using ITIL to improve services.

Around 23,000 students and 2,800 staff attend De Montfort University, which is in the city of Leicester. The IT and Media Services (ITMS) department has a staff of 150 and is responsible for IT across the University, including service desk support, networking and server infrastructure.

ITMS Customer Services Manager Kevin Toone joined the University in 1998. He explained how a wider understanding of ITIL by colleagues has helped to improve the quality of service management.

He said: “One of the main reasons that the service was inconsistent in the past had been different attitudes, approaches and ways of working among individual team members.

"We have now put 100 staff through ITIL Foundation training and have an agreed set of processes and service level agreements in place.”

Kevin explained that the ITIL Practitioner Guiding Principle of ‘collaborate’ has been key to the improvement process. He said: “Collaboration has enabled us to define what good looks like with stakeholders such as customers, suppliers and senior management. Defining expectations with our customers enabled us to set benchmarks and targets - it has been great to work as partners with the business instead of being a siloed department.”

Kaimar Karu, Head of ITSM at AXELOS, said: “The role of a university IT team is vital in helping ensure students and staff make the most of technology. Furthermore, today’s universities operate in a competitive market where they are trying to attract students and academics, so they must ensure they provide high quality service management.

“The examples of Cairo and De Montfort clearly illustrate how adopting and adapting the ITIL guiding principles can help enhance processes and improve the user experience.”

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