Press Release: AXELOS Cyber Resilience Announcement

Press Release: AXELOS Cyber Resilience Announcement

AXELOS is delighted to announce that the following Examination Institutes (EIs) have been selected to deliver the new AXELOS Cyber Resilience exams:

  • APMG,
  • BCS,
  • CSME,

AXELOS are currently in consultation with other EIs regarding the uptake of this product. Cyber Resilience will form an integral part of the AXELOS Global Best Practice Portfolio, alongside the PPM suite of products and ITIL®.

Many organizations are feeling the business pain of a successful cyber-attack - in damaged reputation, financial loss or regulatory fines. Many more are struggling to better understand what good cyber resilience looks like. The need for pragmatic best practice, learning and certification has never been more pressing.

AXELOS will work collaboratively with its EIs to grow established markets and develop opportunities in new regions to fulfil the need of building a cyber smart workforce and supply chain to mitigate risks.

This initiative fully supports AXELOS’ goal of growing the Best Practice community globally.

In addition to the training and awareness offerings, a Cyber Resilience ‘Management Pathway Tool’ will provide a simple, yet effective and repeatable assessment for organisations to create a target Cyber Resilience posture based on the Best Practice.

Cyber Resilience will also be part of AXELOS’ new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme. The constantly evolving cyber landscape means it will be essential for candidates to stay relevant and current, and our CPD offering will help them through access to a range of content, courses and career tools.

AXELOS’ Cyber Resilience Best Practice Portfolio will launch in Q2 2015.

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