Press Release: New career planning tool helping ITSM professionals pursue their ambitions

Press Release: New career planning tool helping ITSM professionals pursue their ambitions

AXELOS has launched a new IT Service Management (ITSM) version of our career-planning tool - Career Paths - to support ITSM professionals identify and achieve their career aspirations.

Following the successful launch of the project management version of the tool last month – which has now been accessed over 1,300 times – the ITSM Career Paths tool is now available via the AXELOS website and can be used by individuals, recruiters and organizations to explore typical job roles within ITSM. Built using AXELOS Best Practice Frameworks, Career Paths identifies the skills and qualifications needed within different roles to support career progression.

Career Paths has been designed to be used by practitioners at all levels of ITSM – from those wanting to learn about potential careers available to them in the industry, to those looking to understand how their current skillset fits into Best Practice Framework and how they can better position themselves for the job roles they want.

As with the project management version of the tool, this beta version is being released to the community for feedback to support future developments, including the release of a Cyber Resilience version of Career Paths.

John Tomlinson, Head of Communities at AXELOS said: “Career Paths for ITSM will be useful guidance for both individuals looking to progress their careers and organizations looking to develop their teams. We always look to the best practice community to work with us, and with Career Paths we hope those who manage IT services at all levels will share their experience and expertise with us, letting us know how we can best help them to achieve their goals.

“As Career Paths develops, our aim is to map all the relevant ITSM qualifications available against the different job roles in these industries. We are aiming for it to be the comprehensive, ‘go-to’ tool for career progression guidance in the ITSM industry.” 

Please visit the Career Path portal for further information and details of how to register.

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