Project managers urged to develop strategic skills to enhance their role in organizational success

Project managers urged to develop strategic skills to enhance their role in organizational success


Project managers can increase their influence on organizational success by developing strategic skills such as business analysis and relationship building.

The advice comes following the launch of a major new report from AXELOS which finds that organizations will demand greater business awareness from project managers in the next few years. As a result, project managers need to invest in their own professional development so that they gain the skills required for a successful future.

The report - The Future Project Management Professional - is based on a survey* of attitudes and outlook of the project management profession. It reveals that confidence among the industry is high, with 76% of those surveyed agreeing that it will become a basic business skill which everyone uses. However, 90% of practitioners agree that they need a much stronger strategic vision which aligns with business goals.

“Project management will continue to transform and grow as a necessary business skill,” explained AXELOS CEO, Peter Hepworth. “This will give project managers an opportunity to stand out as professionals by adding value at a strategic level. What is clear, however, is that to do this they need to broaden their strategy, change management, risk management and agile skills to help businesses realize their organizational goals.”

The report explores future trends for the industry, including online, interactive, and gamified learning solutions, as well as investment in professional development. The findings include:

  • 90% said that ongoing training would be vital to keep up with the pace of change, and that there will be a need to more creativity and flexibility in project management.
  • 90% of project managers agree that new technologies will generate risks that need to be managed carefully;
  • 75% of respondents believe increased regulation and compliance will generate more projects by 2030;
  • 59% believe that as automation increases, daily routine tasks of project management will no longer be a burden on them.

The report also examines the growing influence of agile methodologies, with organizations increasingly taking a more flexible approach to how they plan their business. 84% of those surveyed believe that agile will grow in importance, while 89% agree there is a need for more flexibility in project management.

Peter Hepworth added: “It is clear that agile methodologies and working practices will continue to influence the project management profession as the business looks to take advantage of technological innovations. Project managers need to ensure they have the necessary skills to work in an agile way and demonstrate that their response to project delivery is fast-paced, flexible, and business-oriented.”

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