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Subscribing to Online Content

AXELOS publications can be purchased and viewed online, via an online subscription. A subscription to a particular publication lasts for one year, and includes the latest amendments, revisions and editions. You can either purchase a single subscription to one publication, or purchase multiple subscriptions to access a number of different publications.

How to Purchase an Online Subscription

  1. Visit the TSO Shop
  2. Locate the publication you would like to subscribe to
  3. Check that the publication is available via online subscription, if so, click “Add to Basket”
  4. 4. Accept the terms and conditions and click Continue
  5. You will be shown when your subscription will begin and end - click Continue and your product will be added to your shopping basket
  6. Once you have selected your payment option, confirm your purchase
  7. You will receive an email within 24 hours containing a username and password for you to use to view your online subscription*
  8. When you have these new login details simply click on the My Online Subscriptions tab (as pictured below) and log in.
  9. Your new online subscription product will be available to view.

*If you have previously purchased an online subscription product, your existing My Online Subscriptions username and password will also give you access to your new subscription, which will be available within 24 hours.

How to use your Online Subscription

All the online products use simple forms of navigation, making access to the content as quick and as easy as possible.

Navigating using the Table of Contents 

Each online subscription uses tables of contents (see below for Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®) which sit on the left-hand side of the content display area. You can navigate to any section within your online subscription by clicking the Table of Contents links. The Table of Contents can be expanded or collapsed by clicking Expand and Collapse. However, when within a chapter, the Table of Contents for that chapter will remain expanded. Click Hide/Show Navigation at the top of each content page to remove the Table of Contents, giving you more screen space to view the content - to reinstate the Table of Contents, click Hide/Show Navigation again.

Navigating Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 

The Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 online subscription uses Table of Contents for navigation but also has a Standard, Process, and Role view function.

Standard view - this view of the text presents Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 in a way that most closely reflects the printed edition. Your screen view will change so that the content is presented in a main content area to the right, whilst on the left a Table of Contents allows you navigate through the chapter. To change chapters, click on the Standard link at the top of the screen to return to the main menu.

Process view - users of PRINCE2 will quickly become familiar with the Process Model. By using the Process view of PRINCE2 you can follow through the method process by process: to view a stage, click on the relevant part of the Process image. This enables quick access to each process for you to get the information you need. Like the Standard view, the text will be presented to you with a Table of Contents on the left-hand side. To change process, click the Process link at the top of the screen to return to the main menu.

Role view - the PRINCE2 methodology identifies 10 key roles within project management. When clicking on a role, you will be presented with a description of the role along with the specific responsibilities of that role. These are:

  • Project Board
  • Executive
  • Senior User
  • Senior Supplier
  • Project Manager
  • Team Manager
  • Project Assurance
  • Project Support
  • Configuration Librarian
  • Project Support Office (PSO).

To change to a different Role view, click the Role link at the top of the page to return to the main menu.

Previous/Next Buttons 

Each online subscription allows you to navigate between pages in a sequential manner by clicking Previous/Next at the top right-hand side of each content page.

Searching the Content of your Online Subscription

Each search result is displayed according to the section heading. Each section heading is a link - click this link to display the full text of the section. When you view the full text of your search results, every occurrence of your search term will be highlighted.

You can search by:

  • Keyword
  • Wildcard
  • Phrase
  • Boolean
  • PRINCE2 Advanced Search.

Keywords Search 

Enter an individual word and the documents returned in the search results will contain the search word.

  • Example Search – 'manage'
  • Search Results – documents must contain the word 'manage'

More than one keyword may be entered:

  • Example search - manage
  • Search results - documents containing the word 'manage'.

More than one keyword may be entered:

  • Example search - manage organization
  • Search result - documents must contain either the word 'manage' or 'organization', or both words (the space between the words is treated as an 'OR' boolean condition).

Wildcard Search 

An individual word can be entered with the character '*' to return any words that begin with the search term.

  • Example search - manage*
  • Search results - documents containing words beginning with manage, such as 'manage', 'manages', 'management', 'managed' etc.

Phrase Search

Enter a phrase surrounded by double quotes into the search box.

  • Example search - "managing change"
  • " Search results - document containing the exact phrase 'managing change'.

Boolean search 

Keyword, wildcard, and phrase searches can contain boolean operators. The boolean operators are 'AND' (you are looking for all terms), 'OR' (you are looking for at least one of the terms), and 'NOT' (you are excluding a term).

  • Example keyword boolean search - manage AND organization
  • Search results - documents must contain both keywords
  • Example phrase/keyword boolean search - "service management" AND change
  • Search results - documents must contain both the phrase and the keyword
  • Example keyword/wildcard boolean search - management NOT process*
  • Search results - documents must contain the keyword without any wildcard variations of 'process'.

PRINCE2 advanced search 

The advanced search can be reached by clicking on Advanced Search at the top of the content screen. This search facility enables you to construct a more refined search by limiting your search to particular areas within PRINCE2. By entering your search term, including phrases, boolean or wildcards, and combinations of these three searches, you may search within the following areas:

  • Section
  • Roles
  • Process
  • Glossary Terms.

Click Search to conduct your search. Each section heading is a link, and by clicking this link the full text of the section will be displayed. Click on Advanced Search at the top of the content screen to perform another advanced search.