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In January 2017 AXELOS announced the upcoming arrival of updated PRINCE2® guidance and new Foundation and Practitioner examinations, which will be launched in the middle of the year. Together, these form the PRINCE2 2017 update and represent the first major revision of PRINCE2 since 2009.

This important update reinforces PRINCE2’s unrivalled reputation for best practice in project management. As ever, the focus is on what makes a successful project.

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Why is AXELOS updating PRINCE2?

Evolutions in business practice over the past decade have prompted this thorough, but not radical update of PRINCE2. It reflects a wealth of expert feedback from PRINCE2 practitioners - the people who successfully apply the method in today’s dynamic working environment - where new technologies constantly change the game, where customers and stakeholders continually raise their expectations, and where there is ever-growing pressure to achieve more with less financial outlay.

AXELOS has therefore taken the decision to refresh PRINCE2 to further enable anyone managing a project to get the best out of PRINCE2 and to achieve success for their organization.

What are the main changes?

AXELOS is publishing a new edition of the PRINCE2 guidance, in addition to updating both the Foundation and Practitioner examinations. These will be launched in mid-2017. This new version of PRINCE2 affirms the method’s established approach to project management, with its overall structure of seven principles, themes and processes.

The main changes to the guidance are characterized by an emphasis on:

  • tailoring PRINCE2 to the needs of organizations and project environments;
  • the principles that underpin PRINCE2;
  • clarifying the link between the themes and principles;
  • the restructuring of the ‘Themes’ guidance to accommodate specific examples of tailoring;
  • the practical application of the method and guidance, with numerous examples, hints and tips
  • maintaining your certification through PRINCE2 Membership.

PRINCE2 has always been grounded in real life-experience. The PRINCE2 2017 update, which once again consolidates a wealth of knowledge gained in the workplace, can be trusted to provide practical, authoritative and relevant guidance to anyone managing a project in today’s environment.

What does the update mean for me?

AXELOS has compiled an extensive FAQ document to cover any major questions that you may have in relation to the PRINCE2 2017 update. Given the evolutionary nature of the update, AXELOS will not require existing candidates to recertify to the new version, although we would highly recommend any PRINCE2 practitioners to familiarize themselves with the new material. This can be best achieved through purchasing the new publication, or signing up to AXELOS membership.

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AXELOS has created these items to provide more detailed information about the PRINCE2 2017 update. We would highly recommend downloading, reading or watching these pieces of content to get the latest information about the changes that are being made to PRINCE2 in 2017.

Watch what trainers have to say about the PRINCE2 2017 update

Watch our PRINCE2 2017 update webinar

PRINCE2 2017 Blog Posts

Read our experts' views on the updates to PRINCE2 and how they think it will improve both the PRINCE2 provided and the understanding of the methodology received by candidates. You can also read the thoughts of AXELOS' Mike Acaster on the reasons for the revisions.

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PRINCE2® 2017 Update – tailoring gets better results - by Robert Buttrick – Project Workout

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PRINCE2 Membership now included with PRINCE2 2017 Practitioner Exams

To support the launch of PRINCE2 2017 AXELOS is including one year’s PRINCE2 Membership with every PRINCE2 2017 update Practitioner exam. Membership is one way in which candidates can maintain their certification, and by making this available with the new exam AXELOS is demonstrating our commitment to a candidate’s ongoing professional development.

Why should you activate your PRINCE2 Membership?

As part of the update we are changing the way that PRINCE2 Practitioners keep their certification up-to-date. The main changes include:

By giving you access to PRINCE2 Membership as part of your exam, AXELOS are providing you with another way to keep you certification up-to-date that takes you beyond your exam and supports you throughout your career. To remain current you must meet the following criteria within the three-year period:

  • The new PRINCE2 Practitioner certificates have an expiry date of three years
  • There will be no PRINCE2 2017 update re-registration exam. Instead you can retake the full Practitioner exam at the end of the three years or join PRINCE2 Membership.
    1. Join membership within three months of passing your exam and remain in membership for the three year period by renewing the subscription each year.
    2. Maintain the PRINCE2 digital badge which will be awarded as part of membership for the three year period. Candidates will need to record 20 CPD points each year, in the prescribed categories, for the badge to be extended on renewal.
  • By satisfying the above criteria you will be issued a new certificate that is valid for a further three years.

There are lots of other benefits to joining PRINCE2 Membership, these include:

  • Access to the latest best practices across our PPM portfolio
  • Content to help you progress into programme management through our MSP certification
  • PRINCE2 templates and toolkits to help you apply best practices in the workplace
  • Project management software to help you manage your projects
  • Exclusive access to practical guidance, white papers and case studies.

From July the annual membership fee will be set at £50 plus VAT.

Find out more about AXELOS Membership – or email [email protected]

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