Digital Badges

Digital badges are tokens that appear as icons and are awarded to signify learning achievements in a way that can be easily verified and shared online. Your digital badge holds and displays information about your professional development activity as well as the issue date and an expiry date.

This information is validated by AXELOS and is delivered using metadata so it can’t be altered. The badges can be used by employers and recruiters to validate an individual’s credentials and can act as a differentiator. AXELOS digital badges are only available to those who have an ITIL, PRINCE2 or MSP certification

Your badge will be issued to you in the first year of your membership and the expiry date will be updated each following year, demonstrating that this is a continuous award. Your badge will reflect the highest certification that you hold e.g. If you have verified that you hold a PRINCE2® Practitioner certlification you will receive a PRINCE2 Practitioner badge.

Examples of AXELOS digital badges

ITIL Foundation CPD Digital Badge

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Intermediate (any module)
  • Expert
  • Master

PRINCE2 Foundation CPD Digital Badge

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Agile Practitioner

AXELOS Professional Development Programme Digital Badge MSP Foundation Level

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Advanced Practitioner

P3M3 ACP Digital Badge

P3M3® AXELOS Consulting Partner Digital Badges

AXELOS also awards digital badges to all AXELOS Consulting Partners that are licensed to conduct diagnostic and certified assessments for the P3M3® Maturity Model full assessment. You can recognize a P3M3 consulting partner by their badge, which you can click to verify details of their certification and its validity.

Introduction to digital badges from Acclaim