RESILIA - Cyber Security and Resilience

The RESILIA portfolio is a suite of tools and training designed to help you achieve global best practice in cyber security.
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What is RESILIA?

RESILIA is a comprehensive portfolio of tools and training to help your organization achieve global best practice in cyber security. RESILIA helps embed best practice cyber security skills and resilience behaviours with all your people, regardless of their role or seniority. With RESILIA you can move beyond effective cyber security and achieve cyber resilience.

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RESILIA Frontline

RESILIA Frontline is cyber security awareness training for all your employees. Delivered via highly interactive e-learning modules, animations and games, RESILIA Frontline equips staff with the skills and behaviours they need to make the right decisions at the right time in the face of increasing cyber risks.

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Whaling for Beginners

AXELOS' cyber novella Whaling for Beginners tells the story of a CEO whose company suffers a cyber-attack and follows his journey to protect his organization's reputation. The book demonstrates the power of storytelling in training and offers vital lessons to help individuals and organizations protect themselves from hackers.

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Cyber Resilience Best Practice

RESILIA Cyber Resilience Best Practices is our guide to global best practice in cyber security for your organization,

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