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Make your people your most effective defence against cyber attack

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“Our human frontline is now more resilient and RESILIA Frontline will continue to be part of our efforts to ensure that our resilience keeps pace with the evolving threats we all face”
Risk Director, Leading UK Financial Services Organization

Your hard-won reputation, competitive advantage and business continuity are at risk every day from growing cyber-attacks.

It only takes one person! Are you overlooking your most effective defence against cyber-attacks? Your people and their behaviours.

RESILIA Frontline – effective cyber security awareness training for all your people:

  • Engaging, relevant online training, accessible on multiple devices and available in six European languages
  • A suite of 10 online learning modules covering the full spectrum of cyber risks
  • GCHQ Certified Training (GCT) provider
  • Tailorable for organizations of all sizes
  • Created and regularly updated by leading security and learning experts
  • Modular approach for regular and ongoing training to build long term, habitual cyber resilient behaviours
  • Diagnostic tool to assess employees’ existing levels of knowledge and improve operational efficiency
  • Personalized learning pathways for maximum training effectiveness and employee engagement
  • Comprehensive management information suite for detailed employee, team and company progress and performance for compliance and learning and development requirements.

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From enterprise corporations and small to medium sized firms to public sector bodies, RESILIA Frontline is helping to provide effective cyber security awareness training to enable their employees to make the right decisions, at the right time.

Make your people your greatest defence against cyber-attacks today!

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