Protecting the reputation of UK Higher Education with your most valuable defence: your people

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“This paper is a timely reminder of the increasing cyber threats that are targeting Higher Education Institutions. Key to reducing overall risk is remembering that people provide a real opportunity to protect our information now and in the future."
Paul Featherstone, Former CIO, Durham University

In March 2016, it was reported that more than a third of UK universities are hit by a successful cyber-attack every hour, according to a study that raised questions about institutions’ ability to cope with the rising tide of hacking1. What’s striking was the reported frequency of the violations, with 36 per cent of respondents saying that they had to contend with a successful cyber-attack every hour.

In our latest paper ‘Protecting the reputation of UK Higher Education with your most valuable defence: your people’, we outline the risks of how these attacks can leave staff, students and the institutions’ economic interests highly vulnerable through the loss of personal and financial data, as well as highly sensitive research and intelligence.

So, what can Higher Education institutions do to mitigate against the risk of cyber-attacks?

  • A more holistic approach is required, one that effectively balances the opportunities of digital transformation with the risks from growing cyber-attacks;

  • Ensure you deliver effective information security and cyber awareness training that is conceived of and designed as a continuous and ongoing campaign that reinforces and adapts training over time;

  • Design and manage a cyber resilience strategy that’s owned and led from those at the top and a culture where everyone is aware of the role they need to play and the resilient behaviours required.
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Introducing RESILIA® Frontline – effective cyber security awareness training for all of your people:

  • Short, engaging, relevant online training, accessible on multiple devices

  • A suite of 10 online learning modules covering the full spectrum of cyber risks

  • Available and suitable for organizations of all sizes

  • Created and regularly updated by leading security and learning experts

  • Comprehensive management information suite to measure progress and demonstrate value

  • GCHQ Certified Training (GCT) provider.

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1Havergal, C.2016.UK universities ‘losing cybersecurity battle’. Times Higher Education Supplement. Available at:

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