The Information Security Conundrum

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“90% of all successful cyber-attacks succeed through human error.”

Many organizations already recognize the need to provide information security training to all staff. But how can we ensure this training moves beyond ‘tick-box’ tedium and truly engages our people, helping to develop and sustain resilient behaviours?

Research has always told us that we all learn in different ways. At AXELOS Global Best Practice, we believe effective information security training for all staff must be compelling, relevant, timely and inspiring. In providing the simple, practical advice we all need there are key areas that we need to get right:

  • Storytelling
  • Leadership
  • Language
  • Frequency and timing
  • Culture and incentives

You can find out more by downloading two chapters from the following publications

Business Information Review

Managing Cybersecurity Risk: How Directors and Corporate Offices Can Protect their Businesses

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