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RESILIA® are delighted to be working with the Digital Production Partnership (DPP), the media industry's international business change network. We have recently published: ‘Communicating Security in the Media Sector’, a short paper about the specific challenges of communicating security in the media industry which apply to all organisations of any size.

Including insights from some of the leading security professionals in the industry, the paper outlines the particular challenges the industry faces in tackling ‘human factors’. We ask the critical question: “What is required to achieve and maintain good levels of security in a creative environment?” and the paper provides new insight and ‘Five Home Truths’:

  • Listen to those who live the risks
  • Make controls easy for others
  • Security and creativity can be friends
  • Be an assertive customer
  • Advise, don’t instruct

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RESILIA Frontline works with public and private organisations of all sizes to help them provide effective, experience-based, short and pragmatic cyber awareness training for all their employees.

Designed by both leading infosec and learning design experts, RESILIA Frontline offers a better way to truly engage your employees. The outcome is to develop and sustain appropriate behaviour changes with your employees based on your specific cyber risks.


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