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Author  Sharon Taylor, ITIL Foundation Chief Examiner

November 4, 2016 |

 4 min read

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Following the launch of our updated ITIL Foundation app, we spoke to Sharon Taylor, chief examiner for ITIL and content advisor to find out about its new features and get her top tips on passing the exam.

While the ITIL Foundation app has been available since 2013, there were some new additions that we wanted to make to ensure it’s as valuable to candidates as possible. We also wanted to make it more widely available across a wider variety of mobile operating systems.

What’s new on the app?

The earlier version of the app was mostly mock exam content and – while it was useful – it only provided the basics of practice and mock exams. The new version includes a study area that brings together lots of useful resources into one place. Terminology, for example, is a key part of the ITIL Foundation exam so now you can search and browse in an interactive glossary.

Candidates will also find a host of exclusive content that’s been created solely for app users. What’s more, the whole app has a slicker look and feel and it’s much more intuitive to use. The exam questions used in the app are not available anywhere else.

What’s the most useful new feature on the app?

It’s all really good but I particularly like the revision cards.

Candidates preparing for the Foundation exam can use the app to help identify any subject areas they are weak in and focus study time and practice in those areas specifically, as well as in general.

With the new app, users work through the questions over the five lifecycles and they can see their results and progress in the different areas. You can see if you’re not as strong in a certain section or lifecycle and then focus on that area prior to the exam.

Once you see your results from practice, you can select the area(s) of the lifecycle you need more practice on, and the app generates revision flash cards with questions. You select an answer and the card flips over to give you the result. It’s a great way to reinforce areas of weakness. You can generate a mock exam with the app and see if you have conquered those weak areas.

How does the app help ITIL Foundation candidates prepare for their exam?

As well as giving users real-time feedback on how well prepared they are, the app also mimics the live delivery of the ITIL Foundation exam.

ITIL Foundation live exam is built on an algorithm that randomly generates questions from a large database and ensures coverage across the syllabus.

The app works in exactly the same way. This means users can have a ‘test run’ of the experience before they go into exam conditions and it gives them a higher level of confidence and potentially reduce the level of anxiety many candidates feel when taking the real exam.

As chief examiner, what tips do you have for ITIL learners on passing their Foundation exam?

My top four tips for passing the ITIL Foundation certification are:

  1. Use the app: it really will give you the closest, most realistic experience of the test outside of the exam room
  2. Start with what you know: the ITIL Foundation exam is a multiple choice, closed book format so when you’re in the room start with the questions you’re confident with and come back to the ones you’re not sure of. This will reduce your anxiety and help keep you focused
  3. Take your time: while it might feel like minutes are flying by, there’s plenty of time available so relax and use it effectively
  4. Use your instincts: remember what you’ve learnt and apply the common sense principles that you’ve already got from your ITSM experience.

To hear more from Sharon about the new ITIL Foundation app, watch her introduction on AXELOS' YouTube channel.

See our ITIL Foundation section for more information and download the app from our website.