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Author  Matt Torrens, Managing Director, Sprout IT and Nick Wilding, General Manager of Cyber Resilience

November 9, 2017 |

 50 min read

  • Webinar
  • Behaviour

Law firm clients are increasingly demanding more stringent cyber resilience to ensure their information remains secure and hard won reputations intact. But in 2016, it was reported that 73 of the UK's top 100 law firms had been targeted by a cyber-attack, compared to just 45 in 2013-14, and 84% of these were phishing attacks.

The stark reality is that the majority of successful cyber-attacks in law firms succeed because of human error – the unwitting actions of anyone in the organization, regardless of their role or responsibility. Effective cyber resilience is now just as much about your people and their behaviours as it is about technology. But in practice, we often see poor cyber behaviours resulting in damaged reputations and lost clients.

So what can law firms do to provide more ‘effective’ cyber security awareness training to all their staff?

In this vital area of staff training and development, many law firms do little or no training. And of those that do, most of them continue to rely on annual, ‘tick-box’ training.

We need to take a different approach. One that truly engages our people and provides the simple, practical and relevant guidance we all need to make the right decisions at the right time, keeping our clients’ most valuable and precious information safe.

Join Matt Torrens, Managing Director, Sprout IT and Nick Wilding, General Manager of Cyber Resilience at Axelos for this informative webinar which discusses:

  • The people vulnerability – the stories and the facts
  • Why typical cyber security awareness training methods are failing us
  • What good cyber resilience can look like
  • The principles and benefits of adopting a new approach to behaviour change.

The webinar is designed for partners and heads of Information Security, HR, Risk and compliance in law firms.