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A Guide to AgileSHIFT

A Guide to AgileSHIFT


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This product has been developed to provide a framework for organisations that seek to drive transformation to remain competitive and relevant in the fast changing environment. Factors such as increasing customer demands, disruptive competitors, internal legacy processes and company culture have created the need for this new framework.

The guide and associated training programme have been designed to help prepare organizations to successfully change the way they work. Each organization's approach to change will be different and this is reflected in this guide. The approach laid out in these pages must be tailored to the relevant sector, industry and organization.

The purpose of the guide is to provide insights to why organizations need to transform and offer guidance to support a shift towards enterprise agility.

The AgileSHIFT guide, supported training and certification will help an organization and its people prepare for that journey and give it a greater chance of success. It has been developed from studying how organizations have customarily approached enterprise agility, through in-depth research and testing of the product.

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ISBN: 9780113316021
Price: £30.00
Format: Book
Publication Date: 2 Nov 2018
Availability: Available immediately
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Mandeep hayer 3 July 2019
A excellent training material source in order to offer guidance and support in driving forward transformation projects within an organisation.
Olia Hart 14 July 2019
Well written guide and excellent training provided by Jo Peacock at IT Pro TV.
Vincent DePaola 15 March 2021
I enjoyed reading the guide because it re-affirms the idea of creating a culture of enterprise agility throughout the organization, and how it involves the participation of everyone in the organization for the organization to become more successful.
David Tomlinson 24 April 2021
Excellent insight that has inspired me to ask my manager if I can become Agileshift qualified
Hendrik Moller 15 August 2021

This guide was useful as it features insights and reasoning to argue the need for transformation in organisations. The guide was a useful tool for me to use to evaluate the agility of my own department and the impact it will have on the company as a whole.