ITIL® Service Transition

ITIL® Service Transition


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The ITIL Service Transition stage of the ITIL service management framework offers global best-practice guidance for IT professionals wishing to introduce new and changed services, ensuring that the value identified in the service strategy is maintained and controlling risks to smooth operations.

ITIL Service Transition describes best practices for managing service change, and helping departments and businesses to transition efficiently, from one state to another. The effect of change on operations, customers, users and the business are all considered in this critical stage of the ITIL lifecycle suite.

This publication represents the combined experience and knowledge of practitioners from across the world. It contains the knowledge and skills needed for any IT, procurement, or quality assurance professional looking to develop expertise in the delivery of change.

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Number of pages: 347
ISBN: 9780113313068
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Publication Date: 29 Jul 2011
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Michael Henderson 6 September 2017
This book is essential to Service Transition and change management process and practice
Judy Sanker, ITIL Expert 25 September 2017
Being able to integrate experience and best practices provide a tailored approach to classroom teaching and allows my students to flourish in their learning and being able to take it back to their workplaces immediately.
Karen Maguire 18 October 2019
Within my organization, ITIL Service Transition has provided wonderful guidance and best practices to make us a better IT service provider. We have gained respect from our clients and business sponsors with just a few small changes, and are looking at implementing a more fulsome process to manage service transition.