MSP survival guide for Programme Managers

MSP survival guide for Programme Managers

Book By Rod Sowden and Geof Leigh

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This guide specifically addresses responsibilities within the programme. MSP Survival Guide for Programme Managers helps to explain what you need to do and why, then provides guidance on how to do it using real-life examples. In particular, it focuses on developing and implementing the processes and supporting techniques that are needed to control the programme. At each stage of the MSP themes, the role and responsibilities of the PgM are explained.

Whether you spell it programme or program, the one thing you can be sure of is that it will be big, complex, risky, exciting and expensive. As the programme manager, you have responsibility for setting up, managing and delivering a complex change of some description. Your role will be challenging, pressurized and complex but, most of all, rewarding.

Whether you’re an experienced programme manager or transitioning from a project management role, this survival guide will provide you with specific and practical advice on how to be a successful programme manager. From programme organization to blueprint design and delivery, it applies Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) concepts to real-life scenarios to help you understand how to perform your role to the best of your ability.

Key features:

Written simply, this title brings to life the reality of delivering a programme using MSP. Extracts from the main MSP manual are used to explain key concepts, followed by a description of how this applies to your role.

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ISBN: 9780113314782
Price: £45.00
Format: Book
Publication Date: 29 Feb 2016
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