PRINCE2® Handbook

PRINCE2® Handbook


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This handbook is derived from the 2017 title, ‘Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2’. This handbook condenses the 2017 edition into a concise and handy format, making it an ideal quick reference guide for all PRINCE2 practitioners

This title should be used in conjunction with Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 2017 Edition which contains full details of the method.

PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) has a new emphasis on tailoring and is an easy to follow structured project management method suitable for any type of project. The processes and techniques in PRINCE2 will help your project team cope with the risks, challenges and opportunities of today's rapidly changing environment.

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This publication is also available as a PDF from the TSO Shop

This publication supersedes the PRINCE2 5th Edition Pocketbook (ISBN 9780113311996).

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Number of pages:
ISBN: 9780113315420
Price: £9.95
Format: Book
Publication Date: 27 Oct 2017
Availability: Available immediately
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David Stockdale 30 June 2018
Quick and relevant reference document - I purchased the previous addition last year,
Falko Esser 12 August 2018
Bought the "book" for exam preparation. All the most important basics to get started.
Dan Warren 8 October 2018
Very helpful to condense the notes from the 'Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2' textbook or could be used as a introductory step into PRINCE2
May Ho 26 January 2019
A useful and concise handbook for project managers.
Angel Najera Perez 20 March 2019
The structure of the book is really nice. For me it has been a great and important part of the implementation of P3O. So, from the strategy point of view it is necessary to go deeper into the portfolio details.
Karen Eggleton 17 May 2019
While this activity helped to refresh my knowledge of the PRINCE2 methodology, some more detail on the "approaches" would have been useful.
Moataz Sadaqah 13 June 2019
This handbook can be the handy reference for all project manager, absolutely a must to for all project managers to help in providing a quick guide in every phase of the project.
Justyna Jozefiak 10 October 2019
I had to revisit Plan, Risk and the Progress themes and the knowledge gained from the book helped me to bring few vital points to the Product Owner attention.
Dr. Kristina Birn 10 December 2019
I bought this book from TSO on 09/23/2019
It is a nice and comprehensive overview of what PRINCE2 is about and a good way to refresh knowledge.
Eric John 11 December 2019
I bought this book from TSO on 09/23/2019
It is a nice and comprehensive overview of what PRINCE2 is about and a good way to refresh knowledge.
Martyn Shenstone 16 December 2019
Excellent and thorough, clear to read, book, apart from a few missing definite articles in front of a few nouns it's fine.
DanniellaG 22 January 2020
Great handbook for brief points
darren mcdonald 19 February 2020
A helpful exercise for recalling learned content and the ways in which I was able to effect change within a professional context as a result.
Derek Lee DAmato 2 March 2020
This handbook is a must to have for all PRINCE2 practitioners. Concise and handy guidebook.
Igor Fainchtein 1 April 2020
A definitive guide to all the aspects of project management according to PRINCE2 methodology.
Andrew Fryer 17 April 2020
I use the book frequently in my current role as a change manager for a US Bank, it is a great reference tool.
Avandren Moodley 16 July 2020
Purchase of the PRINCE2 Handbook is on route, of which would be used to manage my projects and used in conjunction with the, Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 textbook.
David Ashworth 15 August 2020
Review and refresh of previous knowledge.
Philip Tonks 2 September 2020
A well organised risk review utilising the ARM toolset along with a review of all known issues with the project.
Ali Ernaz 25 January 2021
Most important foundation for project managers embarking on PRINCE2.
Gabriele Argento 22 March 2021
A useful and handy guide to quickly revise the principles, themes and processes of PRINCE2
Neeti Gupta 12 April 2021
Its a good reference guide when preparing for interviews or discussion on Prince 2 with colleagues at work and to refer to whilst delivering the projects
Marie Nelis 29 May 2021
Succinct handbook to support refresher training on PRINCE2
Peju Ashcroft 22 September 2021
Handy reference manual useful to review all aspects of PRINCE2