Successful Candidates Register

This register provides details of any candidates who have previously passed an AXELOS examination and have elected to be included. Candidates can choose to opt out of this public listing if they wish.

We anonymize all candidate numbers by adding *** to ensure data is protected, so complete numbers are not shown.

Please note: The Successful Candidates Register is updated regularly, but you may need to wait to find the details you are looking for as new data is not added instantly.

Missing from the register or need a replacement certificate? Find out what to do.


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Missing from the SCR or in need of a replacement certificate?

If you aren't appearing on the SCR or haven't received your certificate and you completed your exam with PeopleCert, please contact PeopleCert directly. PeopleCert is the only Examination Institute (EI) that can provide replacement certificates.

If you completed your exam with another EI (Acquiros, APMG, BCS, EXIN, Loyalist), or you are unsure which Examination Institute you completed your exam with, please complete the Candidate Qualification Verification form below and email it to

AXELOS is unable to issue replacement certificates, but we can provide you with a Certificate Confirmation Letter.

Since 1 January 2018, PeopleCert is the sole provider of AXELOS examination and accreditation services.

Candidate Qualification Verification Form (DOCX, 123KB)