About The PRINCE2 Apprentice

Welcome to the first ever season of the PPM Apprentice. We have an ambitious group of project managers who are keen to prove that they have what it takes to run successful projects.

The candidates will have to come up with plans that show they can manage a number of challenging projects using the global leading project management methodology PRINCE2. To do so they will be divided into teams and have to ensure there are clear roles and responsibilities.

Here you can meet our eight candidates. But you won’t see the whole group for long. In the end, there can only be one. One winner!

Our panel of experts – two leading project managers and a guest subject matter expert – will decide who makes it into the next round after hearing each team’s pitch. In the final episode, the two remaining project managers will have to present their own project plans to our judges. The winner will be crowned the first ever PRINCE2 Apprentice.


The PRINCE2 Apprentice