The 4 key elements of best practice programme design Webinar

image of atwo programme managers shaking hands in office

The 5th edition of MSP has now launched and we are very excited to the running our #MSPMonday webinar series!

Join PPM Ambassador Allan Thomson for the third webinar in the series which explores the 4 key elements of best practice programme design.

Allan covers the 4 key elements that project managers need to consider including the importance of:

  • programme vision
  • the target operating model or future state of the organization
  • Benefits prioritization including benefits maps and profiles including examples from the guide
  • Risk identification and prioritization
  • What questions does the design approach in the programme answer as minimum?
  • How to the 4 elements relate to each other?
  • How they relate to the MSP principles
  • How they relate to the MSP processes.

The webinar is one hour long with a 45 minutes presentation and 15 minute Q&A session.

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