DevOps - delivering services, not just products

  • 29 June 2017
  • Starts 11:00
  • Ends 12:00
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DevOps usually focuses on optimization of flow and feedback between Development & Technical Operations. However, products do not exist in a vacuum - they exist to deliver a customer outcome, and are surrounded by a service organization that supports and operates the product alongside other technical and non-technical capabilities.

In this context, DevOps is a local optimisation of the value chain that starts with gathering and prioritizing customer requirements, and ends with the customer deriving value from the product and the surrounding service.

In this webinar, ITSM Product Manager at AXELOS and DevOps Guru, Akshay Anand explains how to think beyond DevOps (or even beyond BizDevOps!) and to think about flow, feedback, and continual improvement from a system design perspective.

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