Elevating NextGen Service Management for the Age of IoT

graphicof computer screen with icons og digitalmedia images emitted from it

The digital world has the flexibility and mechanisms to communicate with each other. However, despite technological research and developments, the physical world has the potential barriers on communication.

The Internet of Things (IoT) combines the digital and physical worlds for exchange of data and communication. As per the McKinsey report, potential economic impact of IoT by 2025 is estimated to be $11.1 trillion annually across world cities, factories, human life, healthcare, work sites, global offices and vehicles.

The key takeaways from the session were:

  • Understanding the elements of IoT platforms that needs to be integrated with organization’s Service Management platforms and the way this can be realized
  • Understanding the way IoT can help in creating the NextGen service management for the organization, by realizing the following outcomes using IoT devices:
    • Reduction in business critical service outages
    • Elimination of security incidents and vulnerabilities with security alerts and warnings
    • Proactive detection of anomalies to prevent service disruptions
  • Understanding the way ITIL® enables this alignment and integration.

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