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Equinor: Adapting ITIL Beyond IT

Group of IT service managers at desk in meeting room with laptops

Equinor has taken the ITIL framework far beyond the roots in IT the last 13 years. This journey has taken Equinor to a position where ITIL based Service Management cover nearly all internal service providing in a globally energy company. In this session, Sigbjørn shared his experience, pitfalls and successes, and how Equinor is thinking ahead.

Sigbjørn’s session explored one integrated Service Catalogue, one federated CMDB and common ITIL based work processes cross function and business areas and he shared that there some advantages and disadvantages. He also gave an example of going into the configuration/service metadata area to illustrate how they have implemented a CI structure that supports one common Service Catalogue.

In this session, Sigbjørn shared his experiences of implementing an ITIL-based framework for technical engineers, controllers and HR personnel and also addressed Equinor’s user centric strategy, focus on that the value is created by giving the end user effective and efficient workday.

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