Ownership in ITIL 4 what? why? who? when? Webinar

IT service manager leaning back at desk with laptop

In ITIL 4 ownership is crucial to make things happen, to build trust and to align with services stakeholders. But what does ownership mean exactly?

Join David Billouz for this exclusive webinar where he will discuss the various forms of ownership such as process ownership, service ownership and product ownership.

David will also discuss the ownership within service offering (goods/access to resources) and will end up with a list of contextual synonyms of ownership with concrete examples: ownership as accountability, ownership as responsibility, ownership as authority, ownership as duty, ownership for communication…

The structure of the webinar will be as follows:

  • What is ownership: an overview of the different ownership types in ITIL 4
  • Why ownership: the benefits of getting ownership in ITIL 4 areas (for instance in case of major incidents)
  • Who deals with ownership in ITIL4: the various roles and organization functions where ownership is required in ITIL 4
  • When is ownership the most crucial in ITIL 4: the main practices where ownership is required (for instance OCM, service validation and testing)

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