Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report has shown that 90% of successful cyber-attacks succeed because of human error.

Organizations are now increasingly aware that ‘technology is not the silver bullet’ and that their people can be their most cost-effective defence against cyber-attacks.

What is RESILIA Frontline?

RESILIA Frontline provides a mix of training formats, including eLearning, games and animations, audio stories, posters and PDFs to help you move away from 'tick-box', once-a-year training. Its flexibility allows you to design compelling, personalized training campaigns suited to your organization and your requirements.

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RESILIA Frontline Learning Pathways and Modules

The RESILIA learning programme is available as four main learning pathways.

Managing Online Risk:

Avoid phishing and social engineering attacks to help keep sensitive information secure. Understand the online risks and what you can do to avoid being successfully attacked.

Keeping Safe Online:

Online services are used by most of us for business and personal use. Understand what online risks you face and what sensible precautions will help keep you safe online.

Protecting Information:

Information is precious and critical to both individuals and organizations. Understand what the risks are when handling information and how best you can protect it.

Safe Device Use:

Devices provide access to information and services whenever we need. Understand the risks to devices and how to keep them well protected to limit unauthorized access.

From enterprise corporations and small to medium sized firms to public sector bodies, RESILIA Frontline is helping to provide effective cyber security awareness training to enable their employees to make the right decisions, at the right time.

Make your people your greatest defence against cyber-attacks today!

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