AXELOS Consulting Partner Programme

AXELOS Consulting Partner (ACP) logoThe AXELOS Consulting Partner Programme is an extension of our Global Partner Programme and has been created to formally recognize corporate consulting organizations that provide advisory services involving AXELOS products.

There are two licence types available to consulting organizations:

  1. AXELOS Consulting Partner (ACP) - this is a general licence covering specified AXELOS product areas, and
  2. AXELOS Consulting Partner with P3M3 - which licences consulting organizations to conduct diagnostic and certified P3M3 assessments.

AXELOS awards all licensed P3M3 consultants with a digital badge that contains their certification information and enables users to verify their credentials. See our P3M3 section for more information on the P3M3 Maturity Model Assessments.

To contact an ACP, see our List of AXELOS Consulting Partners.

For more information about the benefits of using an AXELOS Consulting Partner, see our Working with an AXELOS Consulting Partner page.

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What are the benefits of becoming an AXELOS Consulting Partner (ACP)?

Benefits of becoming an ACP include:

  • Demonstration of a high standard of delivery for consulting services through ACP status
  • Evidence of a consulting organizations’ ability to provide consistent high quality consulting services, through independent assessment and annual reviews by AXELOS
  • Recognition of quality services through association with globally-recognized qualifications
  • Use of selected Intellectual Property relating to the AXELOS portfolio in the course of providing advisory services
  • Utilization of AXELOS maturity models and ability to award AXELOS maturity model certification (subject to separate licence agreement)
  • Exclusive access to industry benchmark reports based on reporting information provided by AXELOS Consulting Partners
  • Access to the marketing support service and resources provided through our Global Partner Programme
  • A listing on our online partner search functionality that drives customers directly to your organization, generating genuine sales leads. 

To find out more about the ACP programme, see the answers to the FAQs.

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