How a large, diversified conglomerate transformed its IT Department using MSP® and MoP® Case Study

S Ramani

January 2020

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This case study describes a real-life transformation initiative, which was undertaken by TransAxl, a large conglomerate, to re-orient their IT department, for supporting their redesigned business portfolio. It highlights what went right, what did not go well and how things could have been handled differently in the retrospective, using the AXELOS global best practices of Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) and Management of Portfolios (MoP®).

These AXELOS best management practices were not explicitly stated to be used by TransAxl – but the guidance embedded in these products was widely used.

Aims and objectives
Triggers for the Client Engagement
The engagement planning process
IT Portfolio – initial analysis
Target operating model: definition
Implementation road map
Outcomes and benefits realized
Quotes - takeaways
About the author
Trade marks and statements
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