ITIL 4 and DevOps: a cultural perspective Discussion Paper

Mark Smalley

March 2019

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Marketing guru Seth Godin defines culture as “people like us do things like this”. People’s actions are based a multitude of factors including:

  • deep-rooted values that hardly ever change
  • habitual thought-patterns that sometimes change with new insights
  • emotions that can depend on how we woke up today.

Our behaviour at work is influenced by our organization’s unique set of interconnected artefacts, symbols, rituals, language, professed values, beliefs, assumptions and unspoken rules. In other words, “that’s just how we do things around here”.

This paper discusses how ITIL's guiding principles combine with the DevOps guidance to create a culture that encourages continual experimentation and the understanding that repetition and practice are the prerequisites of mastery.

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6 Apr 2019 M.Olaoye
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14 Apr 2019 Sanumon
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Value Delivered
Very Interesting insight
Highy Appreciated
12 Jun 2019 Matt
Alternate text
Very interesting and useful
15 Jul 2019 Su Boon Quah
Alternate text
Good reading on ITIL and relationship to DevOps
30 Jul 2019 Jose Ferreira
Alternate text
Really good brief analysis of this relation between ITIL 4 and DevOps!

Do it more often with other frameworks like COBIT or Scrum!
16 Oct 2019 继松 翟
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Good reading on ITIL and relationship to DevOps,
Very interesting and useful
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