Maturing your organization's project management capabilities using PRINCE2, PMP and Agile White Paper

Patrick Von Schlag

January 2021

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This white paper explores PMP’s emphasis on the knowledge required by a project manager in carrying out project management tasks, PRINCE2’s emphasis on how to manage the whole project from end to end, and the compatibility of both with Agile practices. Maturing your organization’s project management capabilities using PRINCE2, PMP, and Agile Disciplines brings these two approaches together to derive the maximum benefit from each.

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3 Jul 2021 Dr. Olaitan Awonusi
Alternate text
For a long time, I was caught up between PMP and PRINCE. I ended up with PRINCE Agile.

This article has done a great job in convincing me to delve into the PMBOK again. I like the manner in which it consistently reiterated the complementary nature of both approaches.

I like the fact that prioritised backlogs are now used (at least in agile) as a further step in simplifying PBS and WBS.
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