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Value Stream Mapping at E-Quality Italia Case Study

Luca Gambetti

September 2020

E-quality Italia is a training organization going through some big organizational changes. The organization’s leaders decided to undertake a value stream mapping exercise so that they could understand where there was waste and how their value streams interconnected.

This case study explains why value stream mapping was so valuable for E-quality Italia and how ITIL 4 can be used to improve efficiencies, even in a non-IT context.

Case Study Companion

Becoming a flat organization
Our ITIL 4 journey
What were the results?
What's next?
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8 Sep 2021 Curtis Watson Jr
Alternate text
Thanks for accompanying a video along with the reading. I was able to follow the case study and learn a new method (holocracy) and term for running an organization. Holocracy seems cool on paper but not in practice. Glad challenges were overcome through the use ITIL.
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