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Through our consultancy services, we can understand the nature of any problem in the facility, while discovering its dimensions and studying its work stages, with its advantages and disadvantages.

Consultancy services help in understanding future challenges and identifying obstacles that may hinder the application of new work methods. This is done to draw a clear vision of the work plan, its stages, and parts, while defining its objectives that should be achieved, in an effort to develop the overall performance of the facility and raise customer-satisfaction levels, all by the efforts of experts and consults possessing long-standing experience in various specializations.

Elm consultancy team consists of highly experienced staff in various digital, technical, administrative, and operational fields. The team provides integrated consultancy services to cater the journey of any facility, from designing strategic plans of programs and projects to implementing them.

They assess the problem and search for the best relevant global practices to address it, compare and come up with the best practical ideas and administrative and technical methods, and determine internationally accepted standards in various fields of work.

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  • P3M3: Hassan Alwadie, Abdulmalik Bagader, Sameh Tuffaha

Elm Al Thaghr - Al Nakheel Dis. Digital City 6614, Unit No: 2, Riyadh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 12382 – 4182

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