AXELOS Skills Framework

The AXELOS Skills Framework has been derived from the following sources:

  • European e-Competence Framework, version 3.0 
  • ICB3 from the Institute of Project Management Association (IPMA) which provides the international baseline for project and programme management
  • Syllabus documents for PPM, specifically building on the themes and principles
  • ITIL syllabus documents and manuals
  • RESILIA® manuals.

AXELOS Professional Development Programme Skills Framework
There is currently no one global skills framework. Our aim was to bring together international frameworks that have been developed in consultation with global organizations and to align them with AXELOS' best practice frameworks to provide a practical guide to skills development. The benefit is greater flexibility to adopt and adapt these skills into existing business operations.

For an overview of the AXELOS Skills Framework, you can download the Skills Framework Light (PDF, 236KB). To access the full Skills Framework please email [email protected].