How to use a Kanban board to plan Valentine’s Day

A woman baking heart-shaped cookies for Valentine's Day

Romance. Roses. A candle lit dinner. Chocolate. These are the staples of a successful Valentine’s Day. But success is not assured; it can only be achieved through careful planning. If you leave things to the last minute, the only roses left will be wilted, the chocolate cheap, and the restaurants fully booked. A last-minute microwave meal will not impress your loved one. As the saying goes, all is fair in love and war, and both endeavours require carefully planning.

There are numerous ways to plan your perfect Valentine’s Day. But you probably never thought of using that Kanban board you know from work. By simply glancing at the board, you should be able to tell if you have overlooked anything.

The gift

A Kanban board can be digital or physical, depending on your preferences. Just ensure that your loved one doesn’t see the board, as that would ruin the surprise! The Kanban board can be divided into the standard three columns: to do, doing, and done. For most, the main components of Valentine’s Day are a gift, which can be flowers, chocolate, or something completely different, as well as a romantic meal. So, on your board, there can be a to do card for purchasing the gift. If you are buying more than one gift, you could create a card on the Kanban board for each gift.

The dinner

Another set of cards can be created for the dinner. There are usually two choices here. You can either book a restaurant or cook a meal at home. However, due to current events (who knew pandemics would still be a problem in the 21st century!) going out is no longer possible. For those of you who dread finding and booking restaurants that might be a good thing. However, for those of you who can barely boil pasta, let alone create a candlelit dinner, the inability to go out for a meal might be terrifying. Therefore, bring the dining experience into your home by ordering a lockdown dinner.

Or you may have decided to prepare a home cooked meal. For some of you that may be your only option in this tumultuous time. If you are apprehensive about cooking, perhaps choose a simple recipe or purchase good quality ready-made components. Ensure that the room is tidy, and the table well presented. If you would like, you can set the table with a tablecloth, candles or flowers. Create a card for purchasing the ingredients and another for preparing the ingredients. Also create a card that states when you should start cooking. Another card should be created regarding the preparation for the room and table.

Valentine’s day can be nerve wracking. By separating each of the tasks into a single action you can prevent becoming overwhelmed and missing key tasks. Kanban boards are a versatile tool that can be utilized in complex projects, or to ensure that your relationship survives the trials of Valentine’s day.

Another component of Valentine’s day is not related to gifts or sumptuous meals. This is an opportunity for you and your loved one to enjoy yourselves and spend quality time together. You might even decide to create a final card: enjoy the day!

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