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It’s football party time

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Adam the punditDo you all have 15 July 2018 marked in your diary? If not then it’s high time because that is the day of the football final. We now know that France will play Croatia in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium  on Sunday and Adam our #PRINCE2PUNDIT is already planning his big football party using the PRINCE2® Principles. If you are going to have a get-together with your colleagues, here are some tips on how to organize the big day.

Continuous business justification

It won’t do to just put some crisps on the table – you need to offer real value for money. This means have as much fun as possible while bringing your colleagues together. And don’t worry, everybody knows you have no control over the number of goals.


Learn from experience

You probably know what makes a good event. Nevertheless, have a good think and talk to your colleagues about previous get-togethers. This will help you avoid mistakes from the past.

Roles and responsibilities

Appoint team managers by involving some of your colleagues. They can help with supplying all the products – drinks, food, technical equipment. The rest of your colleagues will judge you on the quality of the party, so make sure they are happy.

Manage in stages

When it comes to organizing your party, you should consider a few things:

  • Venue: What are your venue requirements? Do you have to book one or can you use the office?
  • Attendees: Put together an email list for the invites, check responses and put together a final list of attendees.
  • Technical equipment: Do you need to get in equipment or does the existing one serve the purpose? Just imagine if your monitors stop working during the penalty shoot-out.
  • Food and drinks: Are there any special requirements? Make sure you have non-alcoholic drinks available.
  • Decide about party logistics: Do you need staff available to help with food and drinks or can everybody just help themselves?

Use the manage by stages principle for this and you have much better control over everything.

Adam the punditManage by exception

You can’t plan a party without a certain level of tolerance. You can never be sure how many people will actually show up and as you don’t want to run out of food and drinks a certain number of additional guests – or very hungry ones – should be taken into account. Being able to slightly overspend the agreed budget makes the life of the party organizer much easier as well. So, setting tolerances is key here.

Tailor to the environment

If your party is company-sponsored you will have to tailor everything to existing rules – yes, this might mean no alcohol at all. But you also need to check whether there are certain requirements from facility management if the party is happening in your office.

Focus on products

Your product is your party. While the football teams will focus on their products – scoring as many goals as possible – your goal is to organize an unforgettable event. Do that and you might forever be remembered.

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