How to keep an Indian shipping company afloat – PRINCE2 Agile and IT

  • By Amey Manjrekar – Information Technology, Great Eastern Shipping Company
  • 22 June 2020
Colleagues at a shipping company using PRINCE2 Agile to plan projects

Amey Manjrekar was, until recently, in information technology at India’s Great Eastern Shipping Company – which provides tanker vessels for the energy industry. When writing this blog post, he had recently certified in PRINCE2 Agile® and described how the changing demands for IT in the business led him to expand his best practice skills.

The scope of what IT does in traditional industries has changed – and so has the need for best practices like PRINCE2 Agile.

IT covers every aspect of our company’s operations – from accounts to chartering ships – and so information needs to be handled properly.

However, when I started here more than 10 years ago the data flow between ships at sea and the shore was more limited, even with satellite communication. Today, with modern connectivity there is much more data, including emails and various applications, which IT has to support.

PRINCE2 Agile and project management

Amey ManjrekarPRINCE2 Agile came into the picture for me when I needed to understand more about what business leaders in the organization want and which services are going to support that. Understanding the overall intentions of the business and aligning this with IT is why I now have to adopt a project management role and be able to justify business change activities. This is a change to my previous role where I treated work more at a task level as a technical person or team member.

But why PRINCE2 Agile? Understanding both project management and agile delivery is really important because both play a big part in developing and delivering new applications. We need things done more quickly so, to do this, it’s about combining development with project management processes to deliver results for customers.

Even in a traditional industry like shipping, having agility in the IT department is very important. For example, we can’t afford to sit back and take our time when the business needs to meet statutory requirements from government.

PRINCE2 Agile – a framework for any organization

I think the PRINCE2 Agile approach, with its well-defined and easy to understand method – is a platform for any organization, not just IT.

In India at the moment there is definitely a case for improving project management and the understanding of agile. Many changes are happening which brings the need for agile working into the frame, such as creating co-ordination and collaboration between teams and getting processes aligned across an organization. Plus, capturing lessons learned from a project helps us to remember what happened and how we can improve what we do for the next project.

Having this method also gives me the confidence to put forward business cases and be able to define timelines, communications, and what skills the rest of the team needs. Also, for career development and new roles offered, PRINCE2 Agile supports those aspirations as well as applying the latest best practice to ongoing work and enabling your organization to move forward.

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