ThRESILIA best practice portfolio is designed to help organizations improve their cyber resilience and protect themselves from cyber-attack.
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What is RESILIA?

Effective cyber resilience is now not just about resisting but also responding to and recovering from cyber-attacks with minimal damage to your reputation, competitive advantage and operational stability. It requires a balanced and collaborative approach across the entire organization. RESILIA embeds awareness, insight and skills that will make you more effective in keeping your critical information safe.

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RESILIA Awareness Learning

RESILIA Awareness Learning helps equip all individuals with the simple, practical guidance they need to make the right decisions at the right time in the face of different and changing cyber risks they face.

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RESILIA Pathway Tool

The RESILIA pathway tool offers a straightforward and repeatable method of assessing the maturity of cyber resilience in your organization.

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RESILIA Pathway Tool

How to get Certified in RESILIA

Cyber Resilience Best Practice

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