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Author  Stephen Mann

September 29, 2022 |

 5 min read

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In an earlier article called ‘Does your organization need to improve its IT asset management game?’, the need for and benefits of IT asset management (ITAM) were covered. And it is great if an organization already has effective ITAM capabilities but is it doing enough – not only for today but also for tomorrow?

The ITAM discipline is evolving to go beyond what has traditionally been a reactive focus that includes:

  • cost management for controlling costs and enabling asset-related business decisions
  • software compliance and handling software vendor audits
  • asset lifecycle management, especially for hardware and the need for asset refresh projects.

Getting the ITAM basics right is important, and while any ITAM activity is a good thing, is there the opportunity to do more? Likely more importantly is whether an organization needs their ITAM practices to do more.

To help, this article explains some opportunities for growing ITAM capabilities in line with changing business needs and the evolving technology landscape.