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Author  Elvizio Vanzo, CEO, Tech for Life Exponential Solutions

CEO, Tech for Life Exponential Solutions

November 7, 2023 |

 8 min read

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An IT veteran of more than forty years, Elvizio Vanzo was recently awarded the title of ITIL 4 Master, preparing him to lead organisations through the challenges of an increasingly digital world.

“An ITIL 4 Master is prepared for navigating the complexities of modern IT service management and governance,” said Elvizio, CEO of Tech for Life Exponential Solutions in Brazil. “They are specialists, armed with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to overcome the challenges that service management professionals face in the modern world.”

Delivering value

The role of ITIL 4 Master is multi-faceted, according to Elvizio: “An ITIL 4 Master possesses various specialisations and abilities. They’re effectively a consolidation of the competencies and skills found in several individual practitioners.”

“This means you need to be a graduate in several disciplines,” he suggested. “Each of ITIL 4’s seven guiding principles contains knowledge that all IT leaders should have.”

Although there are many ways to acquire this knowledge, ITIL 4 is among the most organised, with techniques that can be applied immediately, Elvizio said: “Frameworks like ITIL 4 are important for anyone working in service management in today’s digital world, helping you to organise one or more frameworks with a view to delivering value to your organisation. DevOps, for example, allows you to develop software more quickly. But with DevOps and ITIL 4, you can work faster and deliver value.”

He cites governance and risk management as another example: “These are essential for compliance. But traditional governance is no longer enough for most organisations today. It’s important to take risks. ITIL 4 introduces the concept of “intelligent disobedience”, encouraging teams to break the rules where necessary.”

Whether it’s for delivering greater value or more effective risk management, he argues that all companies need at least one ITIL 4 Master – a professional with this knowledge and experience –– to help organisations overcome challenges in modern governance and service management.

A more agile and modern model

Elvizio works as both a consultant, helping organisations in their digital transformation initiatives, and an instructor training students on a range of frameworks including DevOps, Scrum, Lean and, of course, ITIL. Over the last 30 years, his company has trained more than 50,000 people across Brazil in the ITIL framework alone.

“Being able to constantly update my clients on the latest service management developments means I can help them move toward a more agile, modern model of governance and service management and prepare students for their own journey to ITIL 4 Master.”

And it’s absolutely a journey worth taking, in his opinion: “The road to becoming an ITIL 4 Master provides you with the very latest intelligence on what’s new in the world of governance and service management. During over one hundred hours of study, you will uncover precious tools that will help you better carry out your work as an organisational leader.”

“But by not taking this journey,” he warned, “there will be times when the absence of these tools could prove costly to you and your business.”