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Author  Renê Chiari, Founder & Senior ITSM Consultant, ITSM na Prática

November 9, 2023 |

 8 min read

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Renê Chiari, Founder and Senior ITSM Consultant at ITSM na Prática (ITSM in Practice) in Brazil, was recently awarded the designation of ITIL 4 Master – something he feels is a validation of his more than 15 years’ working in IT service management across various industries.

“During my career, I’ve worked in many areas related to ITSM. I’ve done consultancy, audits and, most recently, critical problem management. And ITIL has been my work companion throughout all of this,” Renê said.

“Today, the ITIL Master certification helps me to differentiate myself from other professionals who might have a similarly established career; it puts me on another level in the market. It’s like having a golden business card.”

Universal language

Renê argues that, as the most comprehensive and well-accepted service management framework, the history of ITIL is inextricably linked with the history of ITSM. “In fact, ITIL was a decisive factor in establishing a common language around ITSM. ITSM professionals must therefore have at least a basic understanding of ITIL. ITIL 4 Master, however, enables you to become fluent, which then opens many doors.

“Companies looking to properly address the complex service management challenges they face will often consider employing well-trained professionals who know ITIL in depth,” Renê added. “I believe having an ITIL 4 Master on their staff should be part of the wish list for any company that takes service management seriously, and that recognises the transformative power of ITIL.”

Positive changes

The journey to ITIL 4 Master is further evidence of that transformative power, according to Renê: “At each stage, you dive deeper into an aspect of service management – governance, continuous improvement, the customer journey and so on.

“As you progress through each of these stages, there is no denying the level of transformation that takes place,” he suggested. “Your colleagues will notice positive changes in your behaviour and in your way of thinking; they will leave work meetings wondering why you look different and are saying different things. It’s all part of the personal and professional evolution that happens along the road to achieving ITIL 4 Master designation.”

Expand your way of thinking

Renê believes that ITIL 4 Master should be the goal of anyone that works within IT service management and wants to be the best at what they do:

“ITIL 4 has a unique relevance to emerging technologies, business scenarios and ways of working. It validates its concepts within a strong community and then consolidates that knowledge in a simple-to-understand, flexible and ready-to-use framework.

“So, even if you don’t work directly in IT service management, investing in an ITIL certification will expand your way of thinking and provide you with answers you wouldn’t usually find in your day-to-day work. And ITIL 4 Master, of course, is the pinnacle of this.”