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Author  Louise Rotondo, Business Risk Analyst, Suncorp Group

Business Risk Analyst

October 9, 2023 |

 8 min read

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Overseeing a project in her capacity as a business analyst, Louise Rotondo found the knowledge and skills gained from her PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner certification to be essential. Recently, she expanded on this further when she became one of the first people to gain the new PRINCE2 7 certification:

“I believe the focus on justifying continued spend on a project is one of the most valuable aspects of PRINCE2,” Louise Rotondo said. “The other is the focus on the products of a project.

“All too often, a project can fall into a routine of doing things just for the sake of it,” she explained. “If it’s in our scope and we have a deadline, we’ll hit that deadline even if we wear out the team along the way. Or we’ll continue with what we’re doing, even though there’s absolutely no reason now for it.

“The PRINCE2 framework’s continued examination of what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and whether it’s worthwhile continuing is a very good practice. It’s important to de-scope anything that isn’t adding value useful to a project.”

Refined and responsive

Louise sees PRINCE2 7 as a more refined version of the existing method. “The new version, coupled with the Agile improvements which have been made in the background, have made it more responsive to today’s modern project world.

“At the same time it still enshrines the actual principles behind what you’re doing, rather than focusing on how you’re doing it.”

She sees the introduction of a focus on sustainability as particularly timely: “People will be increasingly moving in that direction and sustainability will become a much more significant component of a project than just asking ‘what are we delivering? What sustainability boxes are we ticking here?’

“PRINCE2 7 clicks with a project manager’s wider learning and there’s much greater consistency,” she explained. “Even if someone’s not in project management, the method sits well with other frameworks, and complements ITIL and other relevant areas.”