About TSO

TSO (The Stationery Office) is the official publisher for all printed material produced by AXELOS. They provide information management and publishing solutions to the public sector and are one of the largest publishers by volume in the UK. TSO are part of the Williams Lea Group.

TSO provides AXELOS with a number of services for our core titles and supplementary materials including copy-editing, proofreading and typesetting - in print and digital formats. They have also helped AXELOS provide supplementary course material via mobile applications.

TSO offers a worldwide print service including shipping, distribution, sales and marketing to help us offer a truly global service - making our publications available and easily accessible across the world.

Our core publications and supplementary material can be purchased online. If you would like more information about TSO and their subscription offers and rates please visit the TSO website.

To find out more about AXELOS subscriptions, contact the TSO Subscriptions team at [email protected].