British Council: PRINCE2® 2009 Pilot Case Study

Sarah Chambers,

June 2009

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The Global Information Systems Programme Management team at the British Council has used PRINCE2 2009 to help deliver technical change in many countries around the world. Communication and sharing of information between the UK and other countries is very important to the organization and they need the robust structure offered by PRINCE2 to help deliver projects in a challenging environment.

Executive summary
Context and background about the British Council
Specific environment using PRINCE2
Why and how PRINCE2 is used
The limits of the method
How did you use the new version?
Advice to organizations wanting to use PRINCE2 for the first time
About the author
Trade marks and statements
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15 Aug 2018 Martin Underwood
Alternate text
The advise for companies wishing to use Prince2 for the first time should have been expanded on.

I feel it is important for the change to come from the top down, getting the key directors of the company involved so there is less resistance to the change.
12 Feb 2019 Jordan Benfield
Alternate text
Interesting case study. It's interesting to see how stakeholders come around after the change to PRINCE2.
5 Mar 2019 Enrico Bottone
Alternate text
This case study is the proof that also among difficulties and concerns there is the possibility to get benefits of Prince2 adoption since experiencing and using lesson learned, there is the continuous improvement in setting new project settings
15 May 2019 Daniel Okoli
Alternate text
'PRINCE2 is used because it provides the rigour that’s needed when the team is updating systems in different regions and time zones.' This highlights an often understated but highly valuable aspect of PRINCE 2 - its cross functional application

I like the emphasis on the fact that the PRINCE 2 method can be adapted so that smaller lower risk projects are not bogged down by too much red tape but still have structure and control.
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