Organizing the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’


November 2011

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The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games had a lot to deliver and standards were set high. Liz Underhill, Head of 2012 Integration and Assurance, Janette Lissaman, 2012 Programme Office Manager, and Heather Sinclair, 2012 Programme Assurance Manager, at the Government Olympic Executive, a directorate of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, talk about the biggest job of their lives and how the methodology MSP® was used on such a large scale event.

This case study is also available in Brazilian Portuguese (PDF, 85 KB)French (PDF, 1.6MB) and Japanese (PDF, 222 KB).

It’s complicated …
Where to start?
The London 2012 approach
Looking ahead
About MSP
Trade marks and statements
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22 Apr 2017 mfeigel
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Great tip - Relationships matter so talk to each other – don’t rely on emails and processes.
26 Feb 2021 Fernanda Longo
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This a very interesting case. Seeing how a program is managed on such a important and huge event reinforce the importance and value of project and program management.
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