PRINCE2® Implementation: Achieving Excellence Through Employee Development


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This project was initiated to enhance the project management capability of the City of Edinburgh's Housing department. The PRINCE2 methodology was adopted with training for personnel and development of an appropriate governance structure for implementation. It has enhanced effectiveness and understanding of the practicalities of project design, management and delivery, and provided professional development opportunities to its staff. The improved procedures have already seen success in the delivery of projects within time and budget.

Drivers for change
Aims and objectives
Achievements and benefits
Lessons Learned
Wider implications
Future developments
Key facts and figures
Trade marks and statements
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15 May 2019 Daniel Okoli
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A chief complaint about PRINCE 2 is that it is too bureaucratic however from this case study, it shows the benefits of applying PRINCE 2 far outweigh this negative tendency. Of course with tailoring and using minimum PRINCE 2 requirements, this negative tendency is highly mitigated. It would be interesting to see a side by side comparison of the use of PRINCE 2 and another popular project management method, via case studies.
15 May 2019 Daniel Okoli
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The blog satisfactorily outlines the benefits of applying PRINCE 2 practically but it fails to capture its shortcomings in a similar manner
1 Jun 2019 Jean-Christophe Bolduc
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This is an interesting overview; the lessons learned section is particularly clear.
1 Jun 2019 Fiona Osborne
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If anyone believes that PRINCE2 works on an A-B basis without the need to review, adapt and learn should read this report. Success is dictated by the ability to interpret the environment, recognise a rapidly moving environment surrounding the project and ensure that the porject adapts appropriately.
7 Jun 2019 Daniel Okoli
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This provides further insight for me into how PRINCE2 methodology is used in staff training and awareness which I recently experienced on a PRINCE2 managed project.
19 Jun 2019 Akash
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10 Jul 2019 Alyson Brogan
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Very useful article. Good to be able to see how other industries use P2 so proactively.
11 Jul 2019 Alexandra Oprea
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Very interesting case study, well explained and knowledgeable.
17 Jul 2019 Mahesh
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Very interesting and well explained !
18 Jul 2019 Yaping Xin
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Very nice experience sharing.
14 Aug 2019 Tom G
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Great case study to see how, if you invest in your employees, you can reap the rewards and give better value to your customer.
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