Projects in travel: Integrating PRINCE2 for a cross-functional project Case Study

Adina Gabor

August 2020

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G2 Travel is a wholesale tour operator, providing travel-related resources to groups of travellers. Every year, the organization works to contract all of the resources for the next twelve months, which is an enormous project. In 2019, for the first time, G2 Travel used PRINCE2.

The project team used PRINCE2 to structure their project into stages, organize the roles and responsibilities, and to manage the risks and challenges they encountered along the way. They were so successful that PRINCE2 is now used for all of G2 Travel’s internal projects.

This case study describes the benefits and versatility of adopting the PRINCE2 method on a large cross-functional project with a return on investment of over €4.5m.

Choosing a project management method
Project stages and planning structure
Project approach
Conclusions and lessons learned
About the author
Further reading
Trade marks and statements
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