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Knowing your learning style

I remember taking a learning test on the first day of graduate studies in university - what type of learner are you? Surprisingly, I turned out to be a kinesthetic type when I have always thought of myself as a visual learner. I learn by experience more than listening, seeing or writing down. No wonder I always struggled with exams in school but did great at projects. When it comes to learning by experience, mainstream ways of teaching and working can prove to be inefficient for people who learn by doing rather than by sitting in a classroom. When my manager offered me the chance to take a PRINCE2 Agile course, a good opportunity for professional progress and to give more substance to my career, it left me wondering what the learning format would be like.

Back to school

As AXELOS Social Media Lead Rasha Akar explained in her blog post Smashing the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Courses, the classroom environment brings out the students in us. We get a brand new course book and try to interact and discuss in groups based on the input we can provide. The course only lasted a day and a half, the remaining half day was allocated to take the exam on a laptop. We have got to love the instant results, and I am happy to report that I was successful – although it was only one percent above the pass mark, I consider this a great achievement knowing how limited my knowledge of project management frameworks, principles and applications of the latter were before the course.

What makes PRINCE2 Agile different?

The complexity of the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation course is understanding main PRINCE2 concepts as well as the agile take on them in a short time and including all the intricacies it entails. It is the marriage of two frameworks that in nature complete each other contrary to popular belief, and it does not get much more romantic than that. However, this product offers a 360 degrees vision for both the project managers that may have been known to stick to what they already know and those who are new to project management.

For those who need background and those who learn successfully by reading, writing or listening, taking the course will confirm strong project management experience and make you look like the rockstar of your course. It is also a great course as an initiation for those in their early years as project managers. It establishes strong principles and approaches to project management which are both modern and efficient. In short, you will get to process how to minimize risks and maximize productivity within your teams.

Whatever your learning style is, make sure you prepare before the course for its intensity, success comes with work and different shades of highlighters!

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9 Aug 2021 Praveen Koti
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how to undergo this course so that i can add to my CPD points
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